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Crossroads Strings

Crossroads Strings logo

“It shall be the purpose of the Crossroads Strings to provide a musical experience of the highest quality for advanced young string players to develop their talents along with adult string players throughout the greater Crossroads area to prepare and present quality string performances. Crossroads Strings is an educational outreach of the Victoria Symphony, working in cooperation with Victoria College.” 

Crossroads Strings is an ensemble made up of advanced youth and adult musicians from the Crossroads Area. The ensemble is comprised of VC orchestra students (class: MUEN 1125), as well as advanced middle and high school students and community members of all ages! 

Melissa Balli

Rehearsals for 2021-2022 School Year: 
Monday Evenings 
6:30 – 8:30 pm 
Room 103 (Band Hall) 
VC Fine Arts Building 
2200 E. Red River 


Crossroads Strings 2021 – 2022 Calendar

For Victoria College Students: 

Victoria College MUEN 1125

For Non-VC Students/Community Members: 

Annual Dues: $25.00 

  • Checks payable to “Victoria Symphony” 
  • Due in September or within the first 2 weeks of joining Crossroads Strings 
  • Non-refundable 

What to Expect:

  • Members provide their own string instrument (violin, viola, cello, or string bass) for rehearsal and performance use.
  • All youth members must participate in their school orchestra program, if one exists at their school.
    Membership in Crossroads Strings is not open to beginning string players: youth or adults.
  • Community members are not required to, but may request to audition.
  • All music will be provided. 

VSO Corps of Volunteers



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    The Corps of Volunteers is composed of community-minded adults, men and women, who wish to support the programs of the Victoria Symphony. These volunteers assist in various ways, but for education programs, volunteers can accompany and work with the Traveling Instrument Petting Zoo to various school campuses throughout the school year. An interest and desire to work with elementary-age children is a must for education volunteers. 

    The VSO Director of Education supervises and directs all volunteers at each campus. Volunteers agree to attend a training session with the Director of Education prior to their involvement with petting zoo visits on school campuses. All volunteers will undergo a background check, at VSO expense, and shall provide their own transportation to schools. 

    Important Forms:
    Corps of Volunteers Guidelines
    Corps of Volunteers Application

    Community Band & Choir 

    Crossroads Community Band 

    Crossroads Community Band logo

     “The mission of the Crossroads Community Band is to provide adult and talented young musicians the opportunity to present quality wind band performances for the Crossroads region.”

    The Crossroads Community Band is a group of 50-60 adult and youth musicians from several towns in the Crossroads Area. Members range from advanced high school students, to college students, to community members of all ages. If you have played a school band instrument in years past and would like to play once more, you are invited to join the CCB! 

    Nick Stange 

    Rehearsals for 2021-2022 School Year: 
    Tuesday Evenings 
    7:00 – 9:00 pm 
    Room 103 (Band Hall) 
    VC Fine Arts Building 
    2200 E. Red River 

    Annual Dues: 

    For more information, contact CCB President, Carlos Gonzalez:

    Victoria Civic Chorus 

    Victoria Civic Chorus logo

     “The Victoria Civic Chorus strives to promote and produce quality choral music, both traditional and new, at the highest performance level.” 

    The Victoria Civic Chorus is a non-profit organization of singers from Victoria and surrounding communities started in the 1940’s by the Victoria Music Club. Our members are teachers, librarians, chemical engineers, plant workers, and individuals of many professions who enjoy singing in choirs and read music. The Chorus performs concerts in Victoria, Cuero, and at Mission Espirtu Santo in Goliad State Park. 

    Dr. David Means

    Rehearsals for 2021-2022 School Year: 
    Thursday Evenings 
    7:00 pm 
    Rehearsal Hall 
    VC Fine Arts Building 
    2200 E. Red River 

    $15.00 per semester 
    $25.00 for couples per semester

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