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Resources for children & families

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What’s New with the VSO?

Victoria Symphony Youtube

Learn & Play

This collection of websites includes music games, interactive educational sites, and ideas for crafts!

DSO Kids Games

New York Philharmonic Kids

Musical Crafts & Games

Classics for Kids

Music Resource Guide for Students

This website contains a compilation of links that include music theory, apps & games, and even information on music scholarships and organizations!

Do You Know Your Instruments?

This collection of websites introduces instruments and instrument families in fun and interactive ways.

The Wide World of Music: A Guide to 100 Musical Instruments

Learn the Instruments (DSO Kids)

Meet the Instruments (Houston Symphony)

Explore the World of Music

The Houston Symphony has created an engaging series of videos for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students. Introduce yourself to musical ideas that you may have never known existed!

Listening Adventures for Elementary Students

Explorations for Middle School Students

Explorations for High School Students

Dive into Reading!

Books about Composers & Classical Music:

Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composers – Mike Venezia

This is a series of introductory books about major composers intended for elementary age children. Some of the composers that are covered are: Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Bach, and Tchaikovsky.

Carnival of the Animals: Classical Music for Kids

Based on composer Camille Saint-Saënz’ 14 work musical composition for children, this book is a good introduction to classical music for preschool and early elementary-age children. Children will even learn how to listen for the animal sounds made by the instruments throughout the work!

Story of the Orchestra: Listen While You Learn About the Instruments, the Music and the Composers Who Wrote the Music! – Robert Levine

This book and CD provide snippets of famous classical works, and teaches about the instruments that make up the orchestra.

Peter and the Wolf – Sergei Prokofiev

This is a fun way to introduce kids to classical music. Peter and the Wolf is a musical story about a boy who outsmarts a wolf, and the various characters are played by different instruments of the orchestra!

Do Re Mi: If you Can Read Music, Thank Guido d’Arezzo – Susan Roth

This book introduces young children (and the young at heart) to the story of how printed music actually began.

Meet the Orchestra – Ann Hayes

Meet the Orchestra is a lyrical romp of the orchestra beginning with animal musicians who slowly gather for an evening performance. Poetic descriptions suggest the sounds of the instruments, and lively watercolor illustrations capture the playful essence of each musician and musical instrument.

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